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X-Ray Technician in Colorado

How to become an X-Ray Technician in Colorado

An x-ray technician in Colorado has a wide range of duties and responsibilities that they perform on a daily basis. Their role involves adhering to directions from physicians and other medical professionals in a variety of different work environments.

From working in clinics to servicing patients in a hospital environment, these professionals can often choose the environment that they prefer to work in.

When a doctor is treating a patient that has symptoms of a certain disease or illness, one of the functions of an X-ray technician is to assist the physician in confirming a specific medical diagnosis.

Therefore, based on the procedures in a hospital or clinic, the physician usually sends a formal request to an x-ray technician. The x-ray technician’s role is to take specific pictures of the patient’s body.

For instance, if the patient has injured their leg in a car accident, the X-ray technician may receive an order to take an x-ray of the leg that was injured. These pictures will allow the physician to view the inside of the leg so that they can identify fractures, if they exist. By viewing these images, the physician can make the proper diagnosis and then they can treat the patient correctly.

X-Ray Technician Training in Colorado

Most students can complete an x-ray technician training program within a 12 month period. These types of programs will teach the student all of the basic principles of this specific job.

The training for the x-ray technician is often offered by professional instructors in a hospital setting, a university or in a private or public college. Before a student is admitted into one of these training programs, however, they will have to provide proof of high school completion (high school diploma or their GED is usually sufficient for these types of medical programs).

In these programs, the instructor will teach each student the required information on a wide range of different topics including radiation protection, medical terminology, pathology, imaging principles, patient care procedures and radiobiology.

X-Ray Technician Schools in Colorado

For those who want to pursue this job as a career; they may complete the essential requirements by attending an accredited program in an X-ray technician school.

While there are many different programs available in states all over America, some schools may not be accredited. To ensure the school that offers a program is accredited, the student can look for information that is provided by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

The ARRT can give the students who are interested a list of schools in each state. One of the main reasons for ensuring the school is on the list of accredited institutions is obtaining the proper certification (passing the certification exam and completing a program from an accredited school is a requirement for certification).

Some of the schools that are currently on the list of accredited schools include Paris Junior College, Pima Medical Institute and South Texas College. When the student has identified the education institution that meets their needs, they can apply for financial assistance if needed.

Grants, loans, scholarships are available to those who can meet certain qualifications. While some financial assistance programs can provide all of the tuition and related expenses for the student, others may provide a portion of the tuition and housing.

Therefore, it is important for a student to apply for multiple sources at one time. From government grants that offer free money for school courses to scholarships provided by private organizations, the student may want to use a combination of financial sources to meet the needs that they have for school.

X-Ray Technician requirements

X-Ray Technician in Colorado

Radiology technician reviews mammography exam

To perform these jobs appropriately, there are some essential requirements that must be met by all that hold these positions. Some of these requirements may not be commonly known among those who are interested in the profession.

For instance, everyone knows that the X-ray technician is responsible for taking pictures. However, they may not know that these professionals must be able to fix the equipment when it breaks down. Their job involves taking the best image possible.

Which means, if a physician is going to make a proper diagnosis, they must have a clear picture of the prescribed region? Also, to keep these operations moving smoothly without major disruptions, the X-ray technician should know how to fix the equipment that they use on a daily basis.

Another requirement for these positions is physical stamina, since these professionals may remain on their feet most of the day. Before they can take these images, these professionals are normally required to wheel the patient from one area to another.

Even though this duty is considered to be light, it is included in most of their job duties. Furthermore, some patients may require a certain amount of lifting; this is based on the severity of patient’s disorder, illness or disease. Hence, the X-ray technician must also be physically fit if they are going to have the ability and the strength to lift others.

Confidentiality is also a major requirement for an X-ray technician, since they are not allowed to discuss what they see in the images that they take. Even though the people in these positions may be able to read as well as understand the patient’s x-rays, they cannot discuss the images with the physician’s patient.

These rules and guidelines apply to both positive and negative results. The patient’s physician is responsible for reading and interpreting the patients x-rays and they also determine the diagnosis. Once the proper diagnosis has been made, the physician can determine the course of treatment that should be provided.

X-Ray Technician Salary in Colorado

The salary for the X-ray technician in Colorado can also vary widely, since the salaries are based on the technician’s environment (hospital, physician’s office or clinic) as well as other criterion.

Additionally, the physical location that the person lives in will also determine the salary because the cost of living is higher in some areas. For instance, the minimum salary for a technician who works in New York is normally higher than those who live in Memphis (i.e. the variances in pay are based on the cost of living).

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